Anja Bührer

Born in the south of Germany, Anja moved to Berlin in 1992 to give more space to her artistic freedom. Always fascinated by light and shade she completed her education as a lighting technician. For more than a decade, she works at a collage for performing arts and has already accompanied many artists along the way. The daily work with light, different moods and shadows are also reflected in her photographic works, which she has created since 2007. International forums and art agencies drew their attention to her unique style. A mixture of fantasy worlds and reality, shaped by silhouettes, reflections and mystical moods. This kind of photography quickly became her personal trademark. She received international awards, publications in countless international magazines and exhibitions. 

After many years of experience in fine art photography and with attention to quality, Anja founded the company fineArt elégance Photography. Meanwhile she runs a successful business and sells her art worldwide.

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